Kybella Treatment in San Francisco

What is Kybella?

Age, weight gain, and genetics can cause the area under the chin to bulge. Commonly referred to as a double chin, the condition can cause patients to feel less attractive and less confident. The focus is placed on the chin and taken away from attractive facial features. Until recently, there has not been a treatment solution to help patients.

Kybella is a new, FDA-approved treatment that is used to help patients remove fat from under their chin without having to undergo surgery. Treatment involves the injection of deoxycholic acid into areas under the chin where stubborn fat has accumulated. Most patients undergo a series of treatment options to receive maximum results.

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*Individual results may vary.


A Kybella treatment is performed in a Wave Plastic Surgery office suite. A combination of topical anesthetics and ice packs are used to minimize patient discomfort during the injection of Kybella. Prior to the injection, the planned treatment area is carefully marked to ensure all problems areas are treated. Skin and a small amount of fat are gently moved up and away from underlying soft tissue. An extremely small needle is used to previously deliver Kybella into pockets of stubborn fat. After the treatment, a snug adhesive dressing is placed over the area to minimize minor bruising or swelling that may occur.


Up to 10cc of Kybella may be administered in one treatment. The placement of injections, number of injections administered during each treatment, and total number of treatments are preciously tailored to each patient’s unique condition and individual goals. Patients may undergo up to six treatment sessions at one-month intervals.

Getting Back to Normal After Treatment*

There is no downtime associated with Kybella treatment. Patients may return home or to work after their procedure. If swelling or bruising presents, it can easily be controlled using ice. Results gradually occur over the course of one month as fat cells that were disrupted by Kybella are naturally removed from the body. Final results include a significant improvement in the appearance of the area under the chin, an increase in self-confidence, and improved self-perception.

Is Kybella a Good Option for Me?

Patients who are interested in Kybella are examined and evaluated by a Wave Plastic Surgery specialist to determine if they are good candidates for treatment. A careful assessment is made to determine if Kybella can meet the aesthetic goals and expectations of each patient. Contraindications to the injection of Kybella include pre-existing dysphagia and previous or current use of anticoagulant therapy. Patients who wish to improve the appearance their neck may benefit from a combined Kybella and Botox treatment. Patients who wish to treat skin laxity or redundancy may benefit from a combined Kybella and skin-tightening procedure. Our specialists have the ability to provide patients with results using one or a combination of treatment options.

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Wave Plastic Surgery has helped countless patients improve the appearance of the area under their chin using Kybella. The treatment option is very popular because it is effective, safe, and convenient. 

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