Obalon – The Intragastric Balloon System

Obesity is a condition characterized by an undesirable and unhealthy amount of body fat. The most common causes of obesity are genetic and environmental factors that patients have no control over. For many years, the two polarized treatment options of (1) diet and exercise and (2) surgery have frustrated many patients. Diet and exercise have proven to not be an effective treatment option and many patients do not like the idea of undergoing surgery. Obalon is a new FDA-approved treatment that provides patients with the treatment option they have been wanting for a very long time.

How Does Obalon Work?

Obalon is an intragastric balloon system. Three balloons are non-surgically placed in the stomach to take up space and prevent overeating. Patients who undergo an Obalon treatment at Wave Plastic Surgery are given diet, behavior, and exercise modification advice to help provide maximum and long lasting results. In this regard, an Obalon treatment at Wave Plastic Surgery can be considered a long-term treatment solution for obesity that can not be found anywhere else.

What Makes Obalon Different?

An Obalon balloon is very small. It weighs about as much as a penny and when inflated is about the size of an orange. The balloon is easily placed in the stomach. While being instructed and monitored by a Wave Plastic Surgery specialist, patients swallow an uninflated Obalon ballon. A cup of water is used to make swallowing easy. Once the balloon is swallowed and inside the stomach, a specialist carefully inflates it. Total procedure time is usually about ten minutes.

Courtesy of Obalon

Recovering From the Procedure

Patients may return home or to work after their procedure. Abdominal discomfort may occur over the course of two weeks; however, it is easily controlled by following the postsurgical advice given by the specialist who performed the procedure. Medications that decrease stomach acid are prescribed so patients do not experience discomfort after eating. Wave Plastic Surgery has received countless positive patient testimonials regarding how easy Obalon recovery was.

What Results Can I Expect From Obalon?

Obalon is combined with diet, exercise, and behavior modification to provide patients with maximum, long-term results. Patients began to see their initial results shortly after their procedure. Results continue to be seen as patients make lifestyle changes. Obalon treatment is particularly effective for treating patients who are moderately obese and do not want to undergo a surgical procedure or are not candidates for one.

Am I a Good Candidate for Obalon?

Patients who are obese and would like to improve their appearance and health may be candidates for Obalon treatment. Patients who get the best results are those that approach treatment with realistic expectations and are willing to make lifestyle changes. The definitive way for patients to determine if they are a candidate is to schedule an initial consultation with one of the specialists at Wave Plastic Surgery by visiting our contact page.

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