Brachioplasty in Los Angeles

Losing a large amount of weight is a life-changing achievement with many health benefits. Still, many men and women who lose the fat are left with embarrassing excess skin hanging off their arms. This problem with so-called “bat wings” cannot be fixed with diet and exercise alone because the skin has already lost its elasticity and cannot tighten up naturally. The arm lift is designed to provide an answer to this problem, helping to tone and tighten the look of the arms.

How Does an Arm Lift Work?

After losing a significant amount of body fat, while your shape returns to a slimmer size, the skin is often left drooping and sagging. This is because after being stretched for a long period of time, skin begins to lose its elasticity. Diet and exercise cannot reverse these effects.

Think of your skin as your favorite sweater. If you were to stretch out your sweater or lend it to a larger friend, it wouldn’t quite fit the same next time you were to try it on. This is because the fabric loses its shape and elasticity, so instead of fitting snugly, it loosely hangs off your body. If you want it to fit the way it used to, you will likely need the help of a tailor. A similar thing happens to your skin after putting on weight and then losing it, and cosmetic surgery is often the only way to re-contour your arms.

In order to tone and tighten your arm, the excess skin must be removed. Your plastic surgeon will make an incision on the inner portion of your upper arm. From there, any leftover excess fatty tissue can be removed using liposuction. The underlying tissue and muscle is then repaired to provide a firm base for your arm. The skin is then pulled tight with any excess amounts trimmed away before the incisions are closed.

How Long Will it Take to Recover from an Arm Lift?

After your arm lift, you will need to limit your levels of activity for about a 10 day recovery period. Don’t try to lift anything heavy or perform any weight lifting exercises for about a month. Using bandages and surgical compression garments will help to reduce any swelling of your arm and will provide you with the best possible results. Over time, your scars will fade and your arms will appear much more trimmed and toned.

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