Breast Augmentation in San Francisco

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Breast augmentation is a common and popular plastic surgery procedure. Lack of breast tissue development, alterations in body shape after pregnancy or weight loss, asymmetry of the breasts due to congenital reasons, and breast cancer are all common reasons why patients undergo breast augmentation. The goals of the procedure are to restore natural breast volume and shape and improve self-image and self-confidence.

The Procedure

There are many customizable components of a breast augmentation procedure. Factors such as breast implant type, incision location, and implant placement are all discussed and decided on during an initial consultation with one of the specialists at Wave Plastic Surgery. Surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. The steps that are used to perform the procedure are the following:

  • Incisions. Discreet incisions are made in the creases under the breast, around the areolas, or beneath the arms.
  • Implant placement. Implants are placed above or below the pectoral muscles. Silicone implants are prefilled before placement. Saline implants are filled after they have been placed and set.
  • Incision closure. Incisions are carefully closed using special sutures. Surgical dressings are placed over the incisions to help them heal properly and prevent infection.

After the effects of anesthesia wear off and patients are alert and awake, they may be driven home by a family member or friend. Special post-operative instructions are given to greatly minimize any possible complications. Many patients are able to return to work just 3-7 days after their procedure.

Implant Options

Wave Plastic Surgery offers several different FDA approved breast augmentation implant types. During an initial consultation, a Wave Plastic Surgery specialist helps patients find the right breast implant type. One of the first choices that patients have to make is whether they will want silicone or saline implants. Implant selection always depends on a patient’s body type, existing breast tissue, goals, and reasons for undergoing surgery. It is important for patients and specialists to work together to make the best decision possible regarding implant type.

At Wave Plastic Surgery, we offer women the choice of Natrelle® gummy bear silicone implants or saline-filled implants. The gummy bear implants, which are nicked named for their cohesive leak-proof structure, have been said to provide a more natural look and feel. Women who want a rounder or shapelier look may be best suited for saline implants. Both types of implants are FDA approved and have a long track record of safety and beautiful results.

Get Started with Breast Augmentation in San Francisco

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