Resolving Problems With Breast Implants

As with any plastic surgery procedure, women who choose to undergo breast augmentation may face some rare complications. While the FDA approves all breast implants used in the United States, certain complications can alter the appearance of your breast or result in an unnatural look or feel.

Wave Plastic Surgery Correct Breast Implant Malfunctions

In cases where there are problems or concerns with the breast or breast implant following surgery, we can perform a breast implant revision.

Some complications that can occur following a breast augmentation procedure include:

  • Rippling
  • Rupture or leakage
  • Symmastia: A condition in which the breast implants shift too close to one another, thus causing the appearance of a “uniboob”
  • Capsular contracture: A condition in which scar tissue begins forming around the breast implant, causing the breast to harden

Women may also choose to undergo revision surgery for non-complication related issues such as to change the size of their breast implant, maintain a youthful appearance throughout the body’s natural aging process, or upgrade to a newer type of implant such as silicone gummy bear implants.

Because breast implants are not meant to last forever, we often see women come in roughly ten years after their initial breast augmentation for a revision procedure. As a woman’s natural breast tissue begins to sag with age, she may choose to have revision breast surgery and maybe a breast lift to maintain a youthful appearance.

How We Will Perform a Breast Revision Procedure

If you are concerned with any complications associated with one of your breast implants, it is important to come in for a consultation as soon as possible. Early treatment can prevent any unnecessary side effects and have you back to enjoying natural-looking results.

If one of your implants is defective, we will proceed to remove the implant and replace it with a new one. We will likely use the same incision locations made during your initial breast augmentation and will place the new breast implant in the same pocket unless otherwise needed. If you are simply exchanging your breast implants for a new size, shape or material, we will remove your old implants and replace them with your new choice. A new incision pattern or placement may be needed if you are changing to a significantly different size.

With breast implant revision surgery, you can maintain naturally younger looking breasts as you age.

Get Started on Your Breast Implant Revision Procedure

Whether you require the exchange of a defective implant or want to update the look of your breasts, give us a call to schedule your free breast implant revision consultation with one of our board-certified Los Angeles plastic surgeons.