Nipple Correction in Los Angeles

Inverted nipples are a common problem with many women. It often may look like a slit or a hole on the nipple. A problem with inverted nipples can lead to problems with self-consciousness and embarrassment. However, inverted nipples can also cause problems beyond aesthetic concerns. They can lead to frustrating issues with breastfeeding, infections, and other physical discomfort. Most people don’t know that this is a readily correctable problem with nipple reconstruction.

What Causes Inverted Nipples and How is it Treated?

The cause of nipple inversion is usually a congenial shortening of one or more milk ducts that run from the breast tissue to the nipple. Sometimes the shortening is caused by an infection or a previous breast surgery. However, this problem is normally present at birth. The shortened milk duct(s) tethers the nipple and pull it inward, resulting in an inverted appearance.

There are many types of described repairs for inverted nipples. More than likely the correction will involve the division of the shortened duct(s) through a tiny incision located at the junction of the nipple and the areola. This is done under local anesthesia at our certified surgical center in LA. There is minimal pain and swelling and women can often return to work the next day. The inverted nipple repair restores the nipple to a more natural, projecting appearance.

Nipple Reconstruction After Breast Cancer

Women who have undergone a mastectomy can also benefit from nipple reconstruction following a reconstructive breast procedure. While reconstructive flap or tissue expansion procedures can give a woman back her feminine figure with a newly reconstructed breast – nipple reconstruction can help add the finishing touch for a more natural appearance.

There are several different methods that we can use to recreate a nipple and areola for your breast. Grafting is one of the more common procedures, which takes donor skin and tissue to rebuild the nipple.

Nipple reconstruction will typically be performed once your breasts have healed from your previous surgery. Not all women choose to undergo this procedure, but those who desire a more natural look will benefit from the surgery.

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