DCF & Asian Rhinoplasty

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The size, shape, and appearance of the Asian nose call for a special type of treatment approach. An Asian Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is used to give patients a perfectly sized nose that sits in the center of their face and gives harmony to the overall facial appearance.

Asian Rhinoplasty can be a technically challenging and delicate procedure. Only an experienced plastic surgeon who is meticulous and has a keen eye for detail should perform the procedure. It is very important that the specialist performing the procedure have a clear understanding of the realistic expectations of the patient. A detail oriented and patient-focused approach is necessary to achieve results that patients love.

The majority of our East Asian patients in San Francisco seeks nasal augmentation in contrast to Occidental or European patients who generally request a reduction. On average, the East Asian nose appears more triangular, the nasal bridge is typically flatter, the spine is often shorter and less defined, and the tip of the nose tends to be wider and less angular.

Southeast Asians typically benefit the most from augmentation of the bridge and length, while East Asians often request less, or even none at all. The desire for nostril reduction is also more frequent in Southeast Asians than those from the Northeast. Asian nose surgery can be more challenging because the cartilage is often more fragile and the overlying skin is thicker.

The Procedure

The goal of an Asian Rhinoplasty is to increase the size of the nose and improve its appearance. General anesthesia is typically used to ensure the patient is relaxed, comfortable, and can feel no pain throughout the entire procedure. During the procedure, the bridge of the nose and nasal tip are augmented, carefully defined, and sculpted. A synthetic implant (made of silicone or Gore-Tex) or a graft from the patient’s own tissue is used to augment the nasal dorsum, which is the bony area of the nose that runs between the eyes and through the tip of the nose. The benefit of using a graft from the patient’s tissue is that it can be molded to the surgeon’s desire. A synthetic implant can produce great results; however, implants come in pre-defined sizes and shapes.

Benefits of Asian Rhinoplasty

The specialists at Wave Plastic surgery take every detail into account before performing an Asian Rhinoplasty. Many years of training and experience has lead to the creation of Asian Rhinoplasty facial enhancement benefits that only Wave Plastic Surgery is able to provide. The specialists at Wave Plastic Surgery found that the Asian nose varies according to patients’ regional origin. A special surgical approach is used to provide patients from all parts of Asia with customized results.

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is the first and most important step in the Asian Rhinoplasty process. The specialists at Wave Plastic Surgery carefully listen to patients’ expectations in order to customize the procedure to meet their needs. Patients are always invited to ask any questions or bring up any concerns so the specialist can appropriately answer and address them. A team approach is used to provide patients with the nose they have always wanted. 

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