Brow Lift Surgery in Los Angeles

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The brow and forehead area is often the first part of our body to clearly show the signs of aging. Heaviness and drooping of the eyebrows can give us a tired, and sometimes even an angry or depressed look. Drooping of the eyebrows may also produce heaviness of the upper eyelids, possibly causing hooding of the upper lid skin if you have an existing supratarsal fold.

Benefits of Brow Lift and Forehead Lift From Wave Plastic Surgery

As the brow sags and causes hooding of the upper eyelid, you may tend to unconsciously elevate your eyebrows, which causes both dynamic and static horizontal lines to appear on the forehead. Repeated frowning can also cause deep vertical creases to form between the eyebrows – these are often referred to as frown lines or 11’s. Sagging of the skin in the corners of the brow also increases the appearance of the crow’s feet.

By repositioning the brow to a more natural position, the eyes will appear larger, more vibrant, and less tired. The position of the brow is different in men and women. Our Los Angeles area plastic surgeons are skilled in evaluating each individual patient to determine a necessary position of the brow for their unique facial structure and situation.

Having a brow lift can help correct issues such as:

  • A drooping or heavy brow
  • Sagging skin
  • Deep forehead furrows and lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines

If you are currently unhappy with your appearance due to one or more of the above issues, a brow lift may help to provide you with a brighter look that can often result in a boost of your self-confidence.

The Two Types of Brow Lifts

A number of brow lifting techniques exist to improve the appearance of the aging forehead and brow region. At Wave Plastic Surgery, we perform both endoscopic and open procedures, depending on the needs of the patient.

Endoscopic Brow Lift with Endotine

An endoscopic brow lift or commonly known as endobrow lift is a technique perfected at Wave Plastic Surgery by Dr. Peter Lee. The majority of patients considering a brow lift are candidates for this less-invasive technique. Rather than making a long, extended incision, Dr. Lee will make several small incisions within the hairline for minimum visibility. Then, using a small telescopic camera and special surgical instruments, the entire forehead is mobilized while visualizing it on a monitor. This frees up the forehead, so that we may move the brow upwards without much tension. Also, in conjunction, the corrugator muscles are transected to smoothen any vertical lines between the eyebrows. To keep the brow in its new position, Dr. Lee uses a special device called ENDOTINE to fix the forehead tissue to the bone. This device dissolves on its own after several months so that there is no permanent foreign body beneath your skin. The new position of your brow is kept with reattachment of the entire undermined surface. The advantages of endoscopic brow lift are minimal scarring, minimal discomfort and a speedy recovery time.



Dr. Peter Lee MD FACS is one of the few certified Endotine Advanced Surgeon Trainer and was awarded with this certification as a proof.

Open Brow Lift Surgery

An open brow lift may be necessary if you’re suffering from excessive brow ptosis with excess skin. This surgery is accomplished by making an incision across the top of your head just behind the headline. The incision will be camouflaged within your hair, but we will not likely need to shave any during your surgery. Like the endoscopic method, the forehead soft tissue is elevated, but under direct vision. For people with frown lines, the corrugator muscle is transected as well. Your surgeon will excise any excess skin in order to address sagging of your brow. Using this technique, the forehead can be lengthened or shortened. Again, the final strength of the repositioned forehead is achieved by the attachment of the undermined surface to the new position using the ENDOTINE device. The advantage of this procedure is that maximum benefits can be obtained for patients with severe ptosis of the forehead and excess skin.

Get Started with Brow Lift Surgery in Los Angeles

Waiting to have the procedures you want can end up costing you more in the long run as your face continues to age. If you are avoiding the mirror or changing your hairstyle to cover up an aging brow, don’t wait any longer for it to get worse. Wave Plastic Surgery is proud to serve Los Angeles. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation with our experienced cosmetic surgeons.