Fat Grafting in San Francisco

Loss of facial volume can result in an overly aged appearance. A fat transfer is a procedure that can help patients refresh and renew their face without surgery.  

A fat transfer, which may also be referred to as fat grafting or fat injecting, is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat unwanted wrinkles and restore youthful facial volume and shape. During the procedure, unwanted fat is taken from areas like the abdomen, thighs, back, and buttocks and moved to wrinkled and hallowed areas of the face. Areas that are commonly treated using a fat transfer include the following:

  • Upper and lower eyelids
  • Cheeks
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Forehead

One of the things that makes a fat transfer such a popular procedure is the easy and fast recovery. There is minimal swelling and rarely any significant bruising following the procedure. Patients are able to return to their daily routine within a short period of time.

The Procedure

A fat transfer is performed using the following steps:

  1. Fat cell harvest. A liposuction technique and a syringe with a large-bore needle or a liposuction cannula are used to harvest fat cells.
  2. Fat cell preparation. Once harvested, cells are carefully prepared for safe injection into the treatment site. The preparation process clears the fat of blood, painkillers, and substances that could cause infections or undesirable side effects.
  3. Fat cell injection. Prepared fat cells are carefully injected into the desired portion of the face. When using a microinjection technique, extremely small parcels of fat can be placed into multiple layers of the face.

Patients are allowed to return home after their procedure.


Patients who undergo a fat transfer can receive any of the following results:

  • Filling in of sunken areas beneath the eyes
  • Filling in of forehead creases
  • Smoothing out of the deep wrinkles next to the mouth (nasolabial folds or laugh lines)
  • Enhancing of the cheeks (non-surgical cheek augmentation)

Generally, 40-60 percent of transferred fat cells remain for long-lasting results. Alternative treatments such as dermal fillers provide results that are much more temporary.

Lip Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Women who are uncomfortable with the appearance of thin lips may choose to have a lip augmentation using a fat transfer. Tiny punchline incisions are made in the corner of the mouth and tiny strips of fat from a donor site are gently worked into the upper and lower lips for a plumping effect. This method of lip augmentation is reported to be safer, softer, and more natural than lip augmentation treatments using popular injectable facial fillers or implant materials.

Fat Transfer for Hand Rejuvenation

A wrinkled, bony looking hand with large veins, sunspots, and deep grooves can make patients look older than their age. By transferring fat cells to the hands, depressions can be filled out and volume can be restored so patients look years younger than before.

Fat Transfer Consultation in San Francisco

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