Lip Augmentation in Los Angeles

There are both surgical and non-surgical procedures used to enhance the appearance of the lips. Good candidates for lip augmentation are those with thin lips, or patients who simply desire­ a fuller appearance. Injections or implants can create a naturally enhanced look, but they’re not designed to create a radical change in your appearance.

As with any medical procedure, you should let us know of any allergies or medications that you are taking, and you will be required to discuss your medical history during your consultation. Certain conditions or diseases can increase your chances of complications, such as history of oral herpes, blood clots, or poor circulation. If you are a smoker, this may also be a complicating factor.

Surgical Lip Augmentation

Implant and Surgery: Our team of trained plastic surgeons in Los Angeles perform invasive lip augmenting procedures at our certified outpatient surgery center. Most procedures can be done under local anesthesia, but are often done in conjunction with IV sedation to make patients more comfortable. Implants can vary from using Alloderm (dermal matrix), fascia, or fat. Each individual’s needs will be different, so it is very important to have a consultation.

Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation

Injectable Fillers: This procedure is performed in our office with local anesthesia to make you more comfortable. The local anesthetic (pain killer) may be topical (applied to the skin) or injected prior to your procedure. The most common material used for augmenting the lips is hyaluronic acid, which is found in Juvéderm, Artefill, and other popular dermal fillers.

Lip Reduction

A lip reduction (Cheiloplasty) decreases the size of, and reshapes, excessively large lips to create a more attractive and proportionate lip structure. Many of our lip reduction candidates feel embarrassed by oversized lips that interfere with speech patterns and functionality, often causing self-consciousness.

Cheiloplasty is the technical term for surgery of the lip. It includes lip reduction, the process of surgically reducing the size of the lip or lips in order to reduce the appearance of abnormally large or protruding lips, as well as the process of forming an artificial tip or part of the lips by using a piece of healthy tissue from some neighboring part. The procedure can also be performed to enhance the upper and lower lip for those who wish to make their lips permanently larger.

During your consultation with one of our doctors, you and your plastic surgeon will discuss your goals and expectations in order to formulate the ideal treatment plan for your unique situation.

Advance with Lip Surgery in Los Angeles

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